date_range Published 08 Apr 2021

**Basketball Otago Glory League Waiver **

Basketball Otago Glory League Waiver – 16 April 2021

I give permission to be filmed by Glory League as part of my participation at Basketball Otago and understand that they will provide the Glory League video engagement system for my and other participants use. I acknowledge, agree and understand that my name, statistics and video of me will be published on the Glory League video engagement system and video of me may be tagged or shared online.

Glory League and Basketball Otago may use the video or data for promotional or other lawful purposes without further consent being necessary. I agree to follow the and adhere to both this guide as well as Basketball Otago’s code of conduct and/or behaviour guide in all interactions. I have read this waiver and am fully familiar with its contents.

IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD, YOU ARE STATING THAT YOUR PARENT(S) OR YOUR GUARDIAN(S) have read and understood this waiver and its contents and give full permission for the above person to participate under the terms of this release.

I ACCEPT/DECLINE the terms of this agreement and have indicated so by pressing the corresponding button.

If you wish to decline this waiver, please contact