date_range Published 15 Jul 2019

The women’s club regular season is shaping up to have a tight finish.

Ajax, Andy Bay Kavanagh and the South Pac Magic are all tied atop the table on six wins with two games remaining.

That came as a result of wins to Ajax and South Pac on Tuesday night.

Ajax claimed a comfortable 71-43 victory over the Andy Bay Falcons, starting well and extending its lead throughout the game.

Both sides were without key players - Nicole and Aleisha Ruske for Ajax and Zoe Richards for the Falcons - but Ajax covered for its losses better.

Natalie Smith poured in 26 points, while Olivia O’Neill added 17 for the defending champion.

The Magic claimed its fifth consecutive win as it edged Varsity 58-50.

The game remained even throughout and the Magic led 41-38 heading into the final quarter.

From there it was able to finisher more strongly, pulling away to open the gap in the fourth.

Letitia Mullaly top-scored for the Magic with 16 points, while Tara Clement had 19 for Varsity.

Kavanagh had its second loss of the season last week.

It was beaten 72-58 by South Pac OGHS, the sides meeting during the competition’s university break instead of on Tuesday.

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B Grade Results

Ajax Miners 62 def 35 Andy Bay Falcons B

South Pacific Purple 60 def 37 OU Women’s Blue

South Pacific Coasters 67 def 11 South Pacific Magic Black

A Grade Results

Ajax 1 71 def 43 Andy Bay Falcons A

South Pacific Magic 58 def 50 OU Women’s A