date_range Published 21 May 2019

The Mid City Magic continued its winning streak, beating Falcons 88-76 in men’s A grade competition at the Edgar Centre on Saturday.

The Andy Bay Falcons started strongly, winning the tip-off and made the first few points.

But the Falcons soon fluttered in composure, taking early shots instead of waiting for more open ones later in the 24 seconds.

The Magic was quick to punish those with fast breaks and inside shots at the other end.

It was still anyone’s game at halftime with the score 47-40 to the Magic.

The Falcons scratched the scoreline down to one point many times during the game but never enough to take control.

In the third quarter the Falcons lost their tempo, going away from their inside-out kick outs and inside shots.

Instead they forced unearned threes from outside that could not hit their mark.

The Magic played well through Darcy Knox, who had found his shot to put up 11 third-quarter points and help his team win the quarter 29-9.

Although the deficit was 76-49, the Falcons battled throughout the fourth, trying to eat up some of the lead which they did with the side’s new found composure.

They showed a strong full court press and guard Tom Davison thrived, picking up some solid steals leading to finishes for his side.

However Falcons pick-up in energy was too late to bring it back against the strong defending champion side.

In other games, the St Kilda Saints struggled to snatch an 83-80 win from the always growing Varsity.

The game went to the final seconds after some big shots from Varsity’s Isaac Smiler kept it on Saints’ tail all the way until the end.

The City Rise Bombers thrashed the Magic Lions 85-69.

With a very fiery match-up, the Bombers took down the Lions side which lost one of its stronger players, Tai Flavell, to ejection in the second quarter, penalised for an unsportsmanlike and a technical foul.

 - Harry Thorp

A Reserve Grade Results

Falcons 3 75 def 70 St Kilda Dragons

OB’s Elite 108 def 61 Varsity Storm

Magic Muddogs 91 def 78 Varsity Thunder

Falcons 2 69 def 63 Bombers B

B Grade Results

South Pac Kavanagh 56 def 49 Falcons White

Varsity Storm 95 def 71 Falcons Blue

St Kilda Tropics 73 def 31 St Kilda Raiders

OB’s Too 63 def 35 Falcons Red

Varsity Comets 78 def 70 South Pac Kings