date_range Published 28 Feb 2019

Congratulations to the following players who have made Dunedin Metro Squads 

Thank you to all trialists.  We had over 120 athletes trialing for U15-U19 age groups.

Players that have missed out are encouraged to continue to play and grow their skills sets and game awareness.  Check out options through BBO here.

Physios are available for strapping and stretching on Sundays at trainings.  Please bring your own strapping supplies.  These services are free.

Player/Parent meetings will be coming up in the near future for each age group for coaches to inform parents/players of the season, etc.  

Please contact Natalie if you are interested in managing a team at

U15 Girls

A Squad

  • Neve Beattie
  • Shyah Beattie
  • Elise Carline
  • Te Atawhai Campbell
  • Ryan Dailey
  • Zoe Melville
  • Tessa Milton
  • Laura Ring
  • Asha Robinson
  • Ella Southby
  • Danni Thomson
  • Sophia Tutty

Head Coach - Steve Robinson

Assistant Coach - Brett Dailey

Manager - TBD

B Squad

  • Libby Challis
  • Thea Davis
  • Sarah Donaldson
  • Alexa Duff
  • Amelia Hollows
  • Grace Keno
  • Georgia Latu
  • Amelia Loudon
  • Brenna Lyons
  • Olivia Matheson
  • Lily Pelvin-Phillips
  • Abbie Simpson
  • Zaraya Taita

Coaching Staff - Malcolm Duff 

Other coaches and manager TBD

For the first tournament, the players will be split into 3 equal teams. 

Trainings are Sundays from 10am-11.30am at the Edgar Centre.  The cost is $2.50 per training.

Optional Tuesday skills trainings are at the Edgar from 4-5pm with Steve Robinson.  Please rego here if you are keen.

Girl’s Only at Taieri College is another optional training from 3.15-4.30pm at TC Gymnasium.  Contact Natalie if you are interested.

Contact Steve Robinson if you are unable to make training or need feedback.  (

U15 Boys

A Team

  • Oscar Cameron
  • Ollie Cashmore
  • Moka Elone
  • George Grant
  • Noah McDowall
  • Bronson Monga
  • Max O’Connor
  • Dylan Pledger
  • Jacob Waide

Head Coach - Darcy Knox

B Team

  • Omar Arekatera Te Ra
  • Harrison Clarke
  • Will Coggan
  • Caleb Forde
  • Liam Gardiner
  • Jack Henderson
  • Ben Hoskin
  • Jackson Hughan
  • Max Napier
  • Colin Ramsey

Head Coach - Kyle Cameron

Manager - TBD

Development Team

  • Charlie Bauchop
  • Sean Brooks-Adams
  • Lachie Carson-Muir
  • Harrison Friend
  • Corey Gulliver
  • Jacoby Hooper
  • Paddy Smythe
  • Harry Summers

Coach - Liam Good

Manager - TBD

Trainings are on Sundays from 1-2.30pm.  Please pay the door fee of $2.50 for each training.

Optional trainings are Monday, Wed., Friday at the Edgar Centre with Darcy for the U16 Academy from 7-8.15am.  Cost is $2.50 per session.  Contact Darcy if you are keen. (

Contact Darcy if you are unable to make training or need feedback.  

U17 Girls

  • Libby Briggs
  • Brooke Callon
  • Oceana Campbell
  • Ella Gomez
  • Abby Harris
  • Izzy Henderson
  • Zanthe Herbert
  • Madi Loudon
  • Ella Mackenzie
  • Annnabelle Ring
  • Anita Samasoni
  • Grace Southby

Head Coach - Bronwyn Kjestrup

Assistant Coach - Todd Marshall

Manager - Kathleen Ring

Trainings are Sunday from 2.30-4pm at the Edgar Centre. Please pay the $2.50 entry for each training.  Other trainings will be confirmed by the coaches. 

Girl’s Only at Taieri College is another optional training from 3.15-4.30pm at TC Gymnasium.  Contact Natalie if you are interested.

A player and parent meeting will be coming up in the near future for coaches to inform parents/players of the season, etc. 

Contact Kathleen  ( if you are unable to make training.  For feedback on selections contact Bronwyn at

U17 Boys

Thanks for your efforts over the past 3 trials.  The selected boys have been divided into 2 squads through the first tournament.  After that they will be put into A and B teams before qualifiers.  

Otago Blue – Coach Kalas Taukamo

  1. Cam Forde
  2. Rikki Kerr
  3. Hamish Faulks
  4. Eric Peita
  5. Angus Cameron
  6. Gabe Gallagher
  7. Lachie Cameron
  8. Ollie Sinclair
  9. Callum Chirnside
  10. Kohen Muir-Thomson
  11. Sam Hope
  12. Kyle Morado

Otago Yellow – Coach: Hamish Robertson

  1. Will Andrews
  2. Braydon Henry
  3. Benji Freeman
  4. Anton Stoddard
  5. Oscar Grey
  6. Beau Lundy
  7. Ben Joseph
  8. Joshua Reeves
  9. Jared Gibson
  10. Connor Diack
  11. Matheson Colquhoun
  12. Oscar Sycamore
  13. Solomon Harcombe

Manager - Stacy Peita

Trainings through Term 1. (All at Edgar Centre):

10th March - 11.30am-1pm and 4-6pm

17th March - 11.30-1pm

24th March - 11.30-1pm and 4-6pm

31st March - 11.30-1pm and 4-6pm

7th April - 11.30-1pm

13 & 14 April - tournament in Dunedin

Optional weekly skill sessions for all U17 rep. trialists are Thursdays at the Edgar from 4-5.30pm.  

Please pay at the door for all Edgar sessions.

Contact Hamish for selection feedback at

U19 Men

Two squads have been arranged. From Squad A a 1st team will be selected, but all the players in the A Squad will train twice a week.  Squad B are asked to continue attending the Sunday sessions.  Some players from the A Squad will play in the 2nd team selected for the tournaments, incorporating some A squad members and the B Squad members. 

A Squad

  • Lucas Adnitt
  • Clarke Aiono
  • Shaquille Berwick
  • Alex Byars
  • Tom Clayton
  • Will Edwards
  • Henry Freeman
  • Dallas Hartmann
  • Angus Henderson
  • Mitchell Hughan
  • Luka Murphy
  • Masyn Opetaia
  • Matt Pyper
  • Mike Ruske
  • Tyler Summers
  • Danyon Yiliyaer

B Squad

  • Eli Ellison
  • Josh Hope
  • Ambrose Lee
  • Kenny Pestano

Head Coach - Dean Ruske

Assistant Coach & B team Head Coach - Sam Fielding

Managers - TBD

We still need to see one or two players to decide on skill level and team involvement. 

Sunday trainings are from 4-6pm at the Edgar.  Please pay the $2.50 door fee.

Additional Trainings for the A Squad are Thursdays at Kings High School Gym from 6.30-8pm.  Please be ready to go on time.  If anyone needs a ride please let Dean know asap. 

Contact Dean ( if you are unable to make training, and for feedback on selections.