date_range Published 11 Mar 2018

Are you looking to be involved with CLUB BASKETBALL in 2018 as a PLAYER, COACH, REFEREE or BENCH OFFICIAL? Below are a list of contacts to help you get started.


COACHING: Natalie Visger:


St Kilda Men: Simon Clarke. 
Bombers Men: Mike Simpson. 
Magic Men: Andrew Griffiths. 
Andy Bay Falcons Men: Robert McCormick. 
University Men: Oliver Jolly/Mitchell Langton. 
OBHS Men: Brent Matehaere. 
Vipers Men Black: Paul Morrison. 
Vipers Men Blue: Josh George. 
Raiders Men: Nathan Buchanan.

Ajax Women: Danielle Frost. 
Andy Bay Falcons Women: Jodie Hope. 
University Women: Jessie Paterson. 
Kavanagh Women: Gerard Mullin.  
South Pac Magic Women: Gianna Leoni. 
OGHS Women: Colleen Hokianga.

Basketball Otago Competitions:Greg Brockbank            

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